If you would like to get involved, that’s fantastic - because we need all the help we can get! And we believe in rewarding the people who go out of their way to help our larger literary community. So…

Announcing the ‘WORD Wranglers’ Volunteer Program!

How does it work?

Simple! You sign up to do a specific task - either behind the scenes or at one of our events - and we record your hours. Then you can redeem your hours for a prize of your choice!

What are the prizes?

WORD Wrangler Badge.jpg

We have so many to choose from! Here is our current menu:

NOTE: the above tickets/passes cover the full duration of each event. You are responsible for your own transport, lodging, and any other incidental costs. You must redeem your hours at least two weeks before the event you wish to attend, unless otherwise arranged with our volunteer coordinator. The page/manuscript review includes readthrough and conversation with Tex Thompson (we’ll be adding other readers later this year) either in person or via phone/Skype/email, with followup notes via email.

So… kind of like turning in Chuck E. Cheese tickets?

Exactly! If you work 25 hours, for example, you could choose one of the 25-hour prizes. Alternatively, you could choose one 5-hour prize plus one 15-hour prize, and still have 5 hours left in the bank. It’s up to you!

Can I donate hours or prizes to someone else?

Yes! When you redeem your hours, we will check with you to confirm the recipient’s contact information. This is a great way to earn a gift for a special writer in your life!

Do the hours expire?

Yes - the volunteer clock will reset at the beginning of the year. What happens in 2019 stays in 2019! (But you can turn in your 2019 hours for a ticket to a 2020 event, as long as you make the request by December 31st.)

What kind of volunteer jobs are there?

Oh so many! We always need a variety of helpers at our events, but we also have a number of tasks that can be done at home in your free time - the volunteer survey will give you a starting list of ideas

Cool! How do I sign up?

Just gather up 5 to 10 free minutes, then head over to our WORD Volunteer Survey and fill it out!

I have questions!

We have answers! Please email our fabulous volunteer coordinator Cathy Rueter - support at wordwriters.org - and we’ll be glad to help. Operators are standing by!